¡EMy computer is a MAC from Apple.  Can I use EZ Commander with it?
Yes, you can use EZ commander with a MAC if it comes with a USB port.  The only issue is that EZ Input software supports only the Windows platform right now.  A MAC version of EZ Input software is coming soon.

¡EWould EZ Commander work by itself without EZ Input software?
Yes.  EZ Commander is a USB port plug and play device and it works as a wireless trackball mouse and small keypad. In media mode (press Media key), it works as a remote control for Windows Media player (v.10).  In PC mode (press PC key), it provides number keys and most of the function keys for Windows desktop operations.  However, if you need to input multilingual text, or want to remote control other popular media software on your PC, you need to install EZ Input software and have it running on the PC.  These are two features provided by EZ Input.

¡EWhere do I find those multimedia contents or programs on the Internet?
There have been many multimedia programs and contents on the Internet, and millions of users have been enjoying them on a daily basis.  At www.EZCommander.com , we offer a link called ¡§Media World¡¨ which provides access to TV programs, news, music and movies from around the world.  Most of them are free.  Some may require membership, either free or for a small charge.  This will get you connected and start your digital life in a convenient way.  EZ@Home does not own this programming.  Note: This programming is owned by companies in the US or elsewhere in the world, and is copyright protected.

¡EWhat¡¦s the working distance and angle for the Infra Red on EZ Commander?
EZ Commander is equipped with wide angle dual infra-red emitter which can be effective up to 30 feet.  You don¡¦t need to point the remote unit directly at the receiver.  However, please make sure that the receiver is visible to you and not blocked by other objects.

¡EWhat are the key codes of EZ Commander defined in PC and Media mode?
Please visit www.EZCommander.com for the key code definitions.

¡EHow long is the battery life for EZ Commander?
For regular usage, about 2 hours a day, the battery life is about 90 days.  Battery life also depends on how often text input is used and the condition of the batteries.

¡EMy EZ Commander does not work.
Please first check if the batteries are good and installed correctly.  Then make sure that the IR receiver is connected properly to a USB port on your PC.  Move the trackball on EZ Commander to verify mouse operation.  If this does not work, please contact our product support.

¡EMy keyboard sometimes does not work properly.
When EZ Commander is not in use, please switch EZ Input to standby mode (PC mode, numerical input).  Since in Media mode, EZ Input will keep monitoring user key-in at the background.  If the key-press match the defined key code of EZ Commander, EZ Input will translate the key-press to a control hotkey of the working application.  In this case, user might experience unexpected result for the typed keys.

¡EI cannot install EZ Input software into my PC.
EZ Commander is a plug and play device which supports PC Operating Systems back to Windows 98SE.  However, EZ Input software requires support from Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and up.  In order to benefit from the great features provided by EZ Input, please visit Microsoft Windows update network to download and update your Windows system with the latest version of .NET Framework.  (Note: .NET Framework requires Windows XP, NT 4.0 sp3 and up)

¡EI cannot Input text into my working application.
Text input is a feature provided by EZ Input software which works with EZ Commander.  EZ Input always sends input text into the active window or application.  When you use EZ Input to type into your working application, please make sure that you have mouse-clicked the application window to make that window active.

¡EHow do I input a phrase or name of a city, which contains space(s) between words (e.g. ¡§New York¡¨, ¡§San Francisco¡¨)?
To input a phrase or name which contains space(s), just type number key ¡§0¡¨ for space(s).  For example, you want to input ¡§New York¡¨.  Just press 6(n), 3(e), 9(w), 0( ), 9(y), 6(o), 7(r), 5(k) keys.  Please refer to the Symbol Look Up Table section for the corresponding number key of each alphabetic letter or symbol.  In this table, you may see that space character belongs to category ¡§0¡¨, and ¡§-¡¨ (minus) character belongs to category ¡§2¡¨, etc..

¡EFunction keys on EZ Commander do not work.
EZ Commander can work in two different modes, PC and Media mode, as described above.  Key functions are defined differently for each mode¡¦s function.  In PC mode, key functions are defined for text input and desktop application¡¦s operation.  In Media mode, key functions are defined to control and operate multimedia applications to playback your digital contents.  Before you use these function keys for their defined functions, please first make sure that EZ Commander is in the correct working mode, (i.e. PC or Media mode) by pressing the desired switch key (i.e. PC or Media key).

¡EEZ Commander cannot control my multimedia application.
Auto-key-translation is a feature provided by EZ Input software which works with the EZ Commander.  Without EZ Input, EZ Commander can only control the playback of Windows Media Player 10.  With EZ Input installed on your PC and running in Media mode, the function keys on EZ Commander can be transformed automatically to hot-keys of other popular media software and thus control their playback.  Please make sure that EZ Input software is installed and running on your system.  Then make sure that EZ Commander is working in the Media mode.  You may do this by verifying the tray icon on the system taskbar.  If EZ Commander is not in Media mode, press the Media key.  Then check if the media software which you are using right now is supported on the Media Software Key Mapping Support List.

¡ETrackball on my EZ Commander is not very smooth.
You may open the trackball cover and do some clean up.  There are two small spots on the trackball cover.  Use a proper tool to hold on the spots then push and turn anti-clockwise to open the cover.  Remove the trackball and clean up the base.  After the clean up, do the reverse to reassemble the trackball and cover.