ˇ÷ EZ Input supports up to 10 different languages.  Users can use the PC key to select a language, as displayed in the EZ Input Software Diagram.  EZ Input allows users to temporarily disable languages users do not wish to use. Languages can be re-enabled at a later time, if desired.

ˇEBefore You Go, Switch to ˇ§Media modeˇ¨ or ˇ§PC mode, Number Inputˇ¨

This means that you have to close the EZ Input dialogue window first.  The easiest way to do so is pressing ESC key.  Then mouse right click on the EZ Input tray icon and select ˇ§PreferencesˇKˇ¨ as follows.

A Preferences window will appear as follows.

ˇ÷ As you can see, by default, ˇ§Englishˇ¨ is selected.  Users can enable or disable any other languages by checking or un-checking the respective check boxes.  Click on the OK button once selections have been made.  In this example, the input keypads will show up in the following sequence when you keep pressing the PC key.


ˇEStarting EZ Input Automatically when Restarting the System

ˇ÷ You may check the box as follows to do so.  By default, this option is checked.


ˇEFor Windows Vista users, please note that you may need to turn off the UAC (User Account Control) feature before doing these configurations.  Or, you can run EZ Input in the administrator mode to do so.